Tricia Rega

After beating the odds by proving that she can roll with the best as a FDNY firefighter, Tricia developed a desire to help others believe that they too can reach their goals. This is when she decided to open Limitless Fitness Studios. Tricia has a passion for testing her limits when it comes to her physical well being. From triathlons to marathons and specialty type events like Ironman 70.3 and Tough Mudder, she continues to prove to herself and others that anything is possible with dedication and hard work. Tricia is always there to help, and will never question going the extra mile for a person in need. She holds charities at the studio for amazing causes several times throughout the year. She is a believer that life happens, and is full of ups and downs. Her mentality is that life is a team effort, and no one should fight battles alone. This said, Tricia created a family at Limitless.

Kimberly Russo

Kimm is a highly energetic and motivational Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She has been helping people change their lives for over 7 years.  Kimm has a strong background in kickboxing, strength training, a variety of bootcamps and weight training. Her main drive is fueled by helping others in attaining their health and fitness goals. When designing her routines, Kimm focuses on maximizing workout efficiency that will improve fitness, increase stamina, help you lose weight as well as sculpt and tone your muscles. By keeping a positive outlook, her students have developed an overall sense of well being, while on their journey to a lifetime of health and fitness.

Certifications:  AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Insanity®, and Cardio Sport®.

Joann Sarni

Joann started her fitness career when the corporate gym at Saatchi & Saatchi Adverting needed a step instructor to fill in during a lunchtime class. Like most people who first join a fitness class, she started from the back of the room, eventually moving to the front of the room.  The staff had approached her one day and asked her if she would consider teaching and pointed her in the right direction on how to get certified and teach group fitness classes.

In the beginning Joann taught in small gyms and studios around New York City and in Staten Island before she was hired by Bally Total Fitness in 1994 as group fitness instructor.  In 1995 she temporarily stepped away from her advertising career to peruse her fitness career full time.  She was promoted to Area Group Fitness Coordinator at Bally’s managing a staff of 35 people and 3 clubs in Staten Island, NY, Springfield and Livingston, NJ. During that time she had to go through extensive training for various class formats that were being offered on the clubs’ schedules.  In addition to managing the fitness program in 3 clubs, she also did auditions for potential instructors and mentored quite a few members who would eventually become instructors themselves. Joann was also part of the BTF Step Demo team.

In 1997 Bally’s opened up a new NYC gym on 6th Avenue and 19th street which Joann taught some lunchtime and evening classes.   The new gym was popular with Bally’s executive staff who were regular’s in Joann’s classes. One of the most popular classes there was Joann’s cardio kickboxing class where she was able to put her martial arts training to good use thanks to a Billy Blanks workshop she took at a weekend convention.

The highlight of her fitness career came on May 1997, when she got a letter from Bally Total Fitness and AVIA that she was nominated for “Instructor of the Year” in New York City and she would be featured in the July newsletter.  On January 24, 1998, she was voted as the 4th best of the top 10 instructors in NYC.

This accomplishment proved that if you put the member’s health and safety first, you can be successful without unsafe gimmicks to draw a crowd.   She still sticks to that rule to this very day!

Certifications: AFAA, Kettlebell AMPD® and Mad Dogg ®.

Valerie Graham

Fitness and health is front and center of Valerie’s life. She began her fitness career about 10 years ago by becoming a certified Pilates instructor. Since then, Valeria has become a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor now specializing in both individual and group training.

“I like to train two or more muscle groups at one time while offering aerobic and strength training instruction. I want to help my clients achieve a toned strong body along with limitless confidence.”

Although Valerie is “all business”, her fun energetic personality will keep you motivated and challenged.

Certifications:  Spin, Nutrition Counseling, CEU’s in Silver Sneakers, Flexibility, Plyometric, Balls, and Tubing.

Michael Sherman

As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, some of my favorite memories center around watching the runners as they sped through the streets of my neighborhood during the NYC marathon. The look of perseverance and determination written on their sweaty faces left an impression on me to last a lifetime. I knew I would one day want to enter a field that allowed for such mental, physical and emotional growth. The bonus of being outdoors while doing so intrigues me more. It is where I felt at ease connecting to my surroundings.

During the end of college, I began to take the idea of outdoor activity seriously and remembered the look on those runner’s faces. They woke me every day to join them outdoors using my legs to transport me to a different state all the while helping me physically attain my goal. I increased my mileage from one mile to daily morning runs at 5:00am that were six to seven miles. I started to participate in 5k runs eventually working up to my first Brooklyn Half Marathon! Eventually I completed more races.

At this point, running was now a part of my daily schedule. However, running did not seem to be enough. I felt a sense of community lacking as I ran solitary every day. A change was needed. When one is ready to change they will find opportunities and I did. A friend of mine asked me to join a local gym. She said we could train together and try this new class called Spin”. I took my first spin class and knew from that second that this was the change I needed. My days were now consisting of daily runs or attending 60 minute spin classes.

After a two year hiatus from spin due to a conflicting work schedule I noticed how stagnant life had become, the chaotic consistency of spin was missed and I longed for it.

In 2011 I crossed the bridge and moved to Staten Island. I needed to find new running routes around the neighborhood. One day during one of those new runs, I stumbled upon a new fitness studio “Limitless” just recently opened. After meeting the owners, I knew right away that this was the place for me, remembering how much I missed and enjoyed Spin. I decided to remove limiting constraints of work and joined immediately. I quickly became a part of the Limitless Family!

After 14 years of Spinning, I decided it was time to become certified. In September 2013 I became Madd Dogg Indoor Cycling Certified followed by a certification for Kettlebell AMPD.

Today, I get to share my enjoyment of Spin, connecting with a likeminded community and my love of music in the classes that I teach atLimitless Fitness Studios!

Certifications:  Mad Dogg®, and Kettlebell AMPD®

Cory Donadio

“I remember looking at the picture I took from when I proposed to my wife… at 255 lbs., I have to say I was pretty ashamed of myself. In that moment I knew my wedding pictures were not going to look the same.” Struggling with a simple run, to completing INSANITY®, dropping 80 lbs. in the process and becoming the new best version of himself. Cory trained hard to get his INSANITY® certification as soon as possible and came across Limitless Fitness Studios to start teaching and spreading his amazing journey.  Cory recorded a fitness infomercial and became a cast member in INSANITY Max:30, all while still obtaining more certifications such as P90X® and Cardio Sport®. It’s safe to say it has become his life to not only be fit, but to make you fit and happy as well. The greatest experience from all of this, is watching the transformations happen in front of his eyes, every day.

Certifications:  Insanity®, P90X®, and Cardio Sport®.

Eddie Russo

In 2012 Eddie found himself topping the scales at 286 lbs.  He knew a change was needed and was willing to do whatever it took!  Eddie not only wanted to change his body, but his lifestyle as well.  He began with diet and exercise.  When he started to see results he began getting into different fitness programs. That’s when his love for spin happened!

Eddie’s 9 to 5 is managing a retail store, being creative and friendly to those who patronize the establishment.  So he incorporates his outgoing personality into his classes to make them lively and fun.  “Yes…  I put on a show when I teach, but I get the clients to that target heart rate, blood flowing and have them dripping with sweat.”  Eddie believes that you can always make time to get your workout in.

Certifications:  Mad Dogg®, and Kettlebell AMPD®.

Allison Lado

Allison Lando- I discovered my love for fitness about twelve years ago when I took my first kickboxing class.  Although I struggled through it I loved the challenge and how great I felt afterwards.   Being someone who always had to struggle with my weight I knew I had to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle.   Four years later I was asked to cover an instructor last minute and after a half hour of teaching I knew I found my passion.  I knew what it felt like to be the insecure girl walking in a class for the first time so I used that knowledge and made sure I made new students feel unintimidated and good about being there.  Always trying new classes to switch up my workout routine, I tried Zumba and I was hooked.  I loved the “fun” element of exercising and wanted to incorporate it into my classes.  After taking Zumba classes for a year I decided to get licensed and share my love for it with others.  I then continued getting licensed in several other formats like Kettlebell, Masala Bhangra, Turbokick, and most recently CIZE.  Combining techniques I learned from all my fitness certifications and my love for dance, I starting creating classes with various routines that are fun yet very effective.  My classes are high impact, high energy, but most importantly enjoyable.  My heart smiles when I am able to witness the changes in the bodies and lives of my students.  I’m committed to helping others reach their fitness goals, boost their confidence, and make sure they’re having a blast while doing it.  Join my classes today and allow fitness to change your life!

Certifications: Zumba®, Zumba Step®, Zumba Sentao®, Zumba Toning®, Masala Bhangra®, Cize®, Kettlebell AMPD®, Turbo Kick® and Cardio Kickboxing®.


Cherylann Devito

Cherylann is a former division one scholarship swimmer and has always had a passion and competitive flair for health and fitness field. At a very young age she was involved in sports such as running, swimming, and tennis. Upon graduating high school, Cherylann received a swimming scholarship to Seton Hall University and swam all four years, eventually stepping into the role as team captain her senior year. Upon graduating college, Cherylann continued chasing her passion for fitness and became a physical education teacher and coach.  After leaving her job in Manhattan, Cherylann moved to Staten Island and was focused on leaving her mark on the local fitness field. After taking several group fitness classes, she was inspired to get her Group Fitness, and Spinning certifications. Since becoming certified Cherylann has worked to help empower her trainees to reach their goals and build confidence through their achievements. Most recently, Cherylann continues to leave her mark by competing in races throughout the area. She has competed and finished numorous half marathons, and triathlons, most recently finishing the Ironman Princeton 70.3 , Staten Island marathon, and the TCS NYC Marathon. Cherylann is originally from Middletown, New Jersey, but now resides in Staten Island with her husband Peter and their cat Rudy.

Cherylann is also in the process of becoming a certified personal trainer, as well as an IRONMAN® coach.

Certifications:  Mad Dogg®.

Nicole Freni

In 2007, Nicole tried her very first spin class, from that first class she discovered the magic of Spin. She fell in love with it and became a certified Spin Instructor that same year. Growing up with an older brother and Uncles, she was always athletic. She played baseball and roller hockey and had the best slap shot for a girl! She started out as a client at Limitless Fitness in January 2016 and shortly after became part of our team as a certified Spin Instructor. Her passion and dedication for spin stood out immediately! Nicole focuses on mobility, toning, heart rate training, results and doing things you thought you could never do. She enjoys sharing a good workout with her class participants while motivating them to meet their fitness goals. “There is no better feeling than helping people make healthier choices towards a positive change in their lives”.

When she is not spinning or making up spontaneous playlists for her spin classes, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her two children. She loves roller blading and taking long walks with her family. Inspiring people to make healthier decisions has also pursued Nicole to follow another dream of hers, becoming a nurse!

Certifications:  Mad Dogg®.

Joseph Chirchirillo

Joe has been an athlete his whole life and is a former division 1 college football player. After football, his interest in fitness and training didn’t end. In 2012, he began to explore long distance running and other endurance events. Four years later, Joe was in New Hampshire competing in his first Ironman, the Timberman 70.3. Crossing the finish line of your goals is the greatest feeling in the world, Joe wants to share that “Finish the race…” attitude with anyone and everyone he meets. While training for triathlons, Joe found and fell in love with spin and became an instructor. Joe has competed in multiple triathlons including Atlantic City 70.3 and North Carolina Ironman, 10 half marathons, the Philadelphia Marathon, the Ineglass Marathon, the NYC Marathon and is training to become a finisher at Ironman 140.6 finisher in Tempe, November 2017.  Joe became is a middle school teacher, basketball coach, and a NESTA certified personal trainer to share his passion in education, and the desire to spread a “fit for life” goal.

Certifications:  Mad Dogg® & NESTA Personal Training.