Limitless Fitness Studio News

As we are all part of the family at Limitless Fitness Studios, we consider ourselves to be privileged and honored in sharing our vast knowledge of fitness with our members. They truly are the backbone of our family oriented gym. While we all bring something different to the table for our dedicated and motivated clients, it would not be possible without each and every person involved. Limitless wasn't built in just a few days. It was a slow and creative process that was fueled by pure passion. It's the same passion Tricia and her staff puts into the studio each and every day, keeping up with the ever changing world of fitness.

Top 20 by Time Out New York!

We’re in the top 20 gyms of NYC! Out of all of the various fitness centers and various workout genres, Limitless Fitness Studios is considered to be one of the best in the city. Don’t confine yourself to an average gym, be Limitless! Read Full Article

Be Limitless

We never want to limit our clients in their workout. With our various class, accommodating hours, location and more, we want everyone to feel Limitless. Our full body workouts will make you look and feel like you never thought you could. Come and try a class today just see how much you’re capable of!  Read […]