Class Schedule

  • Classes are subject to change as the needs of limitless fitness studios change ( July & August is our summer schedule)
  • Please Scroll down for our cancellation policy – applies to any and all packages
  • SPRINT Cycling Studio located on lower level of Limitless Fitness Studios. Entrance in the back. Doors opens 15 minutes prior to class time. 
  • GROUP CLASSES located on main level. Please use main entrance.
  • SMASH Kickboxing located on upper level of Limitless Fitness Studios. Entrance on the side. (Clawson St) Doors opens 15 minutes prior to class time.
  • We do not provide fitness mats or towels.
  • Note: If you cant view the schedule. CLICK HERE.

Scheduling and content of classes and programs, furnishing of facilities and provision ofinstructors to teach and supervise classes and practice sessions, are at the sole and absolute discretion of the Business and may be changed at any time by the Business. The Business may raise the tuition rate of ongoing memberships by providing advance notice of thirty (30) days, with the tuition increase to begin on the date immediately following the thirty (30) day notice period when the next tuition payment is due. Member understands that if he/she is unable to attend a class, Member must give at least six (6) hours of notice by calling Business and/or canceling their registration on the online MindBody Scheduler on Member understands and agrees that if he/she does not give at least six (6) hours of notice as indicated herein, Business reserves the right to impose a cancellation fee of $15.00 for a group class, $17 for cycling and kickboxing and $20.00 for a specialty class. Member understands and agrees that he/she cannot sign up or attend another class until the fee is paid. By signing this Agreement, Member is providing Business with the authorization for a charge on Member’s credit card. The fee may be paid in cash or waived only at the sole discretion of the Business owner. Members further agree and understand that if they confirm a spot in a class from the waitlist, the Member must follow the same cancellation policy according to the terms set forth above.

We maintain a 6 hour cancellation policy. If you are running late or cannot make class, the studio must be notified via telephone or email (718-351-6847 or Do not call or text a trainer personally. Full cost of class will be posted to your account; registration will be suspended unless payment is made in a timely manner. If you are late, and Limitless is not notified, your spot can be given away to a walk-in client.

If you are on the waitlist, you are responsible for logging on to your MindBody account and checking to see if you made it into class. If you cannot make class, please remove yourself from the waitlist. The cancellation policy still applies to people on waitlist. Therefore, if you know you cannot make class, you must remove yourself from the waitlist at least 6 hours before class starts. If you make it into class within the 6 hour window, then you must attend class or your will be considered a late cancel and the full cost of the class may be posted to your account.

There will be sign in sheets for every class. If you didn’t sign in, you weren’t there. A fee will be posted to your account if you did not sign in the book.

You will not be able to register 1 hour prior to the start of each class. If you should show up to class without a reservation and there is room, you can stay. We cannot guarantee you a place. If you come to class without a reservation and less than 3 people are registered for class, there is no way for us to notify you that class has been canceled.

In order to cancel a reservation, you must unreserve 6 hours prior to the start of class. Once your reservation is cancelled, the class will be returned to your account to be used at a future date if you are not on a membership plan. The class or series is not refunded. If you haven’t cancelled your rreservation in 6 hours prior to class, your scheduled class will be charged to your series or membership.