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Limitless Fitness Studios and Some Like it Hot are teaming up together! You can now take 10 Classes at either studio for $150! Log onto either website and purchase this special 10 class card, you will receive 5 classes at Limitless and 5 classes at SLIH. Please let Nicole or Tricia know of this purchase. If you’re already a member at either location, you can purchase a 10 class card for $100 for the other. These cards will expire 3 months from your first use. We look forward to meeting you!


Prenatal Yoga classes in Staten Island, NYC allows women to safely take part in physical activity during their pregnancy. Classes focus on building the perineal muscles on the pelvic floor in preparation for childbearing as well as to help have a shorter labor and quicker recovery. We put much emphasis on strengthening the lower body to prepare for the extra weight it must support as we progress in our pregnancies along with strengthening our upper bodies to enable us to carry our little ones once they are born.  
Through Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation, we allow ourselves time to relax and connect with the moments of our pregnancy. We may sometimes find our emotions swell up and pour out of us along with our fears. Our Yoga practice allows us the time to surrender to these feelings and to recognize them as part of the process of preparing for what lies ahead. Our pregnancy is a journey and should not be looked upon as something we need to get ourselves through. Rather, it is a life-changing experience where each moment should be embraced. Our Yoga practice helps to better our health, to heal ourselves and to clear the way for this new chapter in our lives.