Indoor Cycling

Who said cardio has to be boring? Our cycling classes are exciting and challenging. Our instructors will take you through a new terrain every week and customize an AMAZING soundtrack for your workout. Our cycling classes will increase your energy, cardiovascular fitness and lower body strength. Our classes are for EVERYONE, from beginner to advanced- you are in control of your own workout. Pedal fast and increase your resistance for an insane fat-burning workout OR you can totally fake it and take an easy ride on your recovery days. Regardless, your heart and lungs will benefit, as well as your gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps. Basically , you WILL BURN fat and calories.

SPRINT Cycling Studio located on lower level of Limitless Fitness Studios. Entrance in the back. Doors opens 15 minutes prior to class time. Please bring a personal towel. We do not provide towels.